Fly Fishing Report: June 2022

With barely a week and a half until the Summer Solstice it’s still hard to trust the calendar after a casual glance outside. It feels a little like crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon and being told you just have another 5 miles to go. Nevertheless, in spite of the continual onslaught of […]

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June Fly of the Month: Lunch Money

When I first came upon Matt Bennett’s Lunch Money Streamer it was love at first sight. There is no doubt that big predatory species go nuts over large, multi-jointed mega-sized flies, but oftentimes a smaller and less intrusive pattern will work wonders over something huge and flashy. The Lunch Money has a ton of movement […]

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Fly Fishing Report: May 2022

Once upon a time I used to keep a fishing journal. I’d diligently record notes on conditions, temperatures, hatches, general observations, successful flies, fish caught and whatever else I thought might aid in establishing seasonal patterns that could help crack the code and lead to another fine day of fishing somewhere down the road. Even […]

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May Fly of the Month: Jig Bugger

Jig style flies have become more and more popular in recent years. I think part of their success comes from their sheer versatility in the number of ways they can be fished. I’ve seen all sorts of jig style woolly buggers on the market and this particular one is fashion after a George Daniel pattern […]

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Fly Fishing Report: April 2022

All signs are pointing towards winter finally relinquishing its icy grip on the Pacific Northwest. Sure, it might hail one day, snow the next, dip back into the 30’s at night for a week or two, but the sun is shining a just a little more these days and we’re beginning to experience something akin […]

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April Fly of the Month: Bloody Tan Chironomid

Getting into the chironomid game can be an intimidating venture for the uninitiated. All the colors, sizes, colors, blends and rib combos might seem a little overwhelming. It’s still true that a #14 or #16 black Ice Cream Cone will work wonders in a variety of situations, but you’re still going to find more fish […]

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Fly Fishing Report: March 2022

After what felt like the longest, coldest, dampest winter in recent memory, we find ourselves edging ever closer to Spring. I for one really appreciate being able to click off the open sign at the shop with plenty of daylight still left in the sky. Lakes are warming across the state, bugs are hatching and […]

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March Fly of the Month: Chum Baby

With the first signals of Spring, juvenile salmon begin to emerge from the rivers around the west coast after a long, cold winter developing beneath the gravel of a stream bottom. While the emergence timing of fry varies greatly depending on species and water temperature, they will be present in many places over the next […]

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Fly Fishing Report: February 2022

After a seemingly endless dark, damp, cold and dreary winter, we are beginning to see a light on the horizon. With barely a month until the official start of Spring it’s been awesome to begin the process of reacquainting ourselves with the sun for a couple of days over the past few weeks. Of course […]

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February Fly of the Month: The Play Maker

The Play Maker has become the model for one of my favorite winter steelhead flies in relatively low clear water conditions. It sinks readily and quickly and remains seductively swimmy. When the water is higher and off color, I generally fish larger unweighted or lightly weighted flies along the near-shore seems where steelhead can still […]

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