Fly Fishing Report: December 2021

An Atmospheric River Runs Through It was the riveting story of a bunch of fisher people who wanted nothing more than to go fishing in November 2021 and instead found themselves pumping water out of their basements, sandbagging their riverfront property and nervously driving through downtown torrents of water from Iowa Street to Squalicum Parkway. […]

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December Fly of the Month: Slush Egg

People have mixed opinions about fishing egg patterns. Whatever your stance, make no mistake that you are truly matching the hatch in late fall and winter when the rivers are full of spawning salmon dropping eggs left and right. In our nutrient poor rivers west of the Cascades, the egg is the aquatic equivalent of […]

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Fly Fishing Report: November 2021

Gray skies, unrelenting rain, brown rivers and a lackluster Seahawks season. It’s enough to drive a Pacific Northwesterner mad at times. Seems like we’ve gone from one extreme to another and have been regularly bombarded by exponentially more raindrops than the brilliant rays of sunshine we experienced all summer. Then again, that’s life in these […]

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November Fly of the Month: Black Sparkle Bugger

This is a bug that spends an inordinate amount of time on the end of my tippet this time of year. It’s a winner in the rivers for sea run cutthroat when fished around the wood piles and snags and if the water is relatively clear, coho salmon can’t seem to resist it either. It’s […]

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Fly Fishing Report: October 2021

Fishing trips…they are the stitches that piece meal the year together, mark the seasons, mentally get you from A to B during a busy work stretch, motivate you at the tying bench and 100% feed the soul. I’ll take any opportunity to fish, be it a couple of hours before work or a rainy Sunday […]

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October Fly of the Month: Pumpkinhead Booby

Boobies are no doubt a weird fly. I don’t know what they necessarily imitate, if anything, or why they work. I just know that I’ve experienced many days when they seem to catch fish to the exclusion of just about anything else. Between the buoyant foam eyes and the typically densely wrapped body, they tend […]

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Fly Fishing Report: September 2021

We’re about a week away from the official start of fall, though it feels like the season has crept in prematurely with some drizzle and gray. It’s a welcome change after a sweltering summer and we’re entering what many express to be their favorite time of the year to fish. It is most certainly mine. […]

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September Fly of the Month: October Chubby

When I was a kid we used to collect periwinkles in the Cedar River and watch them crawl around in the bottom of a yogurt container. These critters fascinated me with their carefully crafted stone cases and little heads and legs that would cautiously emerge from their mobile homes and lumber around. As I learned […]

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Fly Fishing Report: August 2021

By now most of us have a pretty good sense of what it’s like to be a corn dog under a gas station heat lamp. Days upon days of sizzle, the intermittent red glow of a wildfire sun beating down on you as much of the west continues to burn. Sound apocalyptic? Yep, it sure […]

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August Fly of the Month: Just Another Humpy Fly

This one’s somewhat of a Comet style fly, not unlike the old Pink Floozie but is quick to tie and hyper effective for pink salmon wherever they swim. We tie a version with small lead eyes and a little lighter one with large bead chain and sometimes vary the colors from a fluorescent hot pink […]

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