Fly Fishing Report: February 2021

Howdy folks, it’s February and boy does it feel like it. We hope you’re staying warm and healthy and finding some time to fish or stock the fly boxes for the warmer months to come. For me, there are times when my fishing feels largely governed by stubbornness, a refusal to concede to the elements […]

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February Fly of the Month: Hall Pass

Minnows represent a significant portion of the trout’s diet in Pass Lake near Deception Pass, particularly at times of the year when chironomids and other staple insects are much less abundant such as during the fall, winter and early spring. Sometimes when big rainbows and browns key on minnows in the shallows the action can […]

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Fly Fishing Report: January 2021

2020, the year many would just as soon obliterate from the memory banks has drawn to a close. As with all new years, we can begin with a mental clean slate, an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and misdeeds, an opportunity to advance and discover something new, a chance to better yourself or seek […]

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January Fly of the Month: June Bug Nymph

I’ve admittedly become a euro nymphing addict over the last year. It’s super fun, requires high levels of concentration so you don’t have time to think bad thoughts and it flat out catches a lot of fish. The one downside, if there is one, is that you have the potential to go through a few […]

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Fly Fishing Report: December 2020

Ahhh…2020, the year we never thought would end, is nearing its final stretch.  As much as we’re all fairly fed up with pandemics, politics and the multitude of disruptions to our normal daily flow, it hasn’t been all bad.  As a relative creature of habit, I’ve appreciated being forced to change up my normal fishing […]

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December Fly of the Month: Polar Llama

The Dali Llama is one of those streamers you can just look at and immediately recognize that it’s going to catch fish.  Rabbit, flash, a sharp stinger hook and a big old weighted nose to drop it deep into the zone as it’s screaming, “Eat me! Eat me!”  If you spend much time around the […]

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Fly Fishing Report: November 2020

Here we are on election day, something we’ve either been waiting on all year or silently dreading.  I imagine for many folks it’s a mixture of both.  2020 has been a challenging time for too many people and I think most of the world will be content to see it behind us.  There’s a vast […]

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November Fly of the Month: Twitch Magnet

I love fishing for big aggressive late season coho from Alaska to Washington.  You never know quite what to expect.  Sometimes the takes are subtle like a gentle pluck, sometimes you get the rod-wrenching grab and a thick slab of a fish erupting downriver intent on returning to sea.  Whatever the case, coho do seem […]

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Fly Fishing Report: October 2020

Between the blinding smoke haze and impenetrable fog over the last several weeks it’s been a challenge to see what’s going on out there and in extreme cases, even safely get outside.  Fortunately, there’ve been enough windows open here and there to enjoy a number of fine days on the water as summer passes the […]

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October Fly of the Month: Bubblicious Worm

When I was a kid, I remember stuffing a full pack of Bubblicious gum into my mouth and chewing away blissfully until my jaw hurt.  The Bubblicious Worm seems to have much the same effect on trout, often in situations where you wouldn’t expect it to.  I always like to have a selection of San […]

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