The Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing by Jerry Buron

I had the pleasure of re-acquainting myself with Jerry Buron a couple of weeks ago when he stopped by the Confluence.  Jerry is a longtime member of the Evergreen Fly Club and very accomplished stillwater fisherman.  I’d seen Jerry give a couple of presentations to the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers several years ago and was […]

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The Confluence Fly Shop Hoodies Are Here!

Hot off the press, we’ve got new logo hoodies in a glorious dark navy color. Between the facial hair and plush hoody, Brandon’s as warm as a kitten on a baseboard radiator. For $40, you too can be both cozy and stylish.

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Your Next Favorite Shirt Available Only at the Confluence Fly Shop

We gave you a heads up on these in our last newsletter and are proud to announce that our latest shirt is in stock with a second shipment arriving soon. We’re pleased to see they’ve been literally flying out the door as expected. After all, it’s a sad state of affairs with Washington’s fisheries these […]

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25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish now at the Confluence Fly Shop

Terry and Wendy Gunn recently published the bible of national parks fly fishing with the Stonefly Press. The heavily photo-studded and text rich book shares in great detail some of the best fishing our national parks across the country have to offer. Each chapter is written by local guides, fly shop owners or fishermen who […]

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Rio Outbound 5 Weight Lines Are Back!!!

Years ago, Rio offered their popular Outbound series of lines in a 5 weight, which made an ideal compliment to the fast 5 weight rods many enjoy fishing for Puget Sound sea run cutthroat. The Outbound provides a quick load and beefy taper that helps to minimize false casting and turn over weighted flies like […]

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The Confluence Fly Shop September Sales

Out with the old, in with the new. Waterworks-Lamson is launching a new Guru series this season with an exciting new look and their same time-tested Konical drag system you’ve come to know and love. In preparation for the new series, we are offering 20% off all discontinued Guru and Guru HD series in stock. […]

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