Fishing Report: March 2016

Daffodils are popping up all around and adding a welcome touch of color to the brown and gray landscape. Spring can’t be too far around the corner. If you think you’ve survived another dreary Northwest winter, pat your self on the back and hope the worst is behind us. If you enjoy the snow sports, […]

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Fishing Report: February 2016

January concluded with a thorough drenching that left most of our rivers high and muddy. Somewhere in there we found a few fishable days and with them plenty of bull trout and the odd obliging steelhead. Many of our North Sound steelhead rivers are now closed for the season, save for a few short open […]

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Fishing Report: January 2016

As we slip into the new year, the weather remains frightfully cold and pleasantly sunny and the rivers have remained in shape for longer than their fair share of time. There’s another several days of cold clear skies on the horizon and then we settle back into that winter rain we’ve come to at least […]

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Fishing Report: December 2015

After the big deluge, the weather has given way to cold bright skies and abominably frosty gravel bars lined with hoar frost castles. The rivers have been in shape until recently and we’ve been seeing hungry char, late chum and coho with a few early winter steelhead navigating the clear, pebbled flows. With warm, wet […]

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Fishing Report: November 2015

October came and went with all the quickness and intensity of our latest downpour. The earth is wet and spongy, the rivers full once again for the time being, leafless maples and alder line the banks as seasonal sentinels. The fish continue to do their thing in spite of it all while we anglers do […]

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Fishing Report: October 2015

“Angling is extremely time consuming. That’s sort of the whole point.” -Thomas McGuane One of my favorite fishing quotes rings especially true during the fall when the beloved season of many seems to come and go all too quickly. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to fish everywhere we’d like and it’s simply too […]

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Alaska Coho Extravaganza

I recently returned from an unforgettable fishing experience in the boundless muskegs of Southeast Alaska. While late September weather in the North Country can be fierce and unforgiving, we found temperate skies, unseasonably clear waters and hillsides ablaze in spectacular fall colors. The cold and rain abated until our last day and we spent hour […]

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Fishing Report: September 2015

After one of the hottest summers on record, our recent rains serve as a welcome transition into one of our favorite fly fishing seasons of the year. Moisture once again seeps into the ground and air, cooler nights warrant an extra clothing layer or two and our waters absolutely swarm with salmon. September and October […]

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Fishing Report: August 2015

Our August report comes to you from Estes Park, Colorado, beneath the panorama of Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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