January Fly of the Month: June Bug Nymph

I’ve admittedly become a euro nymphing addict over the last year. It’s super fun, requires high levels of concentration so you don’t have time to think bad thoughts and it flat out catches a lot of fish. The one downside, if there is one, is that you have the potential to go through a few […]

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December Fly of the Month: Polar Llama

The Dali Llama is one of those streamers you can just look at and immediately recognize that it’s going to catch fish.  Rabbit, flash, a sharp stinger hook and a big old weighted nose to drop it deep into the zone as it’s screaming, “Eat me! Eat me!”  If you spend much time around the […]

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November Fly of the Month: Twitch Magnet

I love fishing for big aggressive late season coho from Alaska to Washington.  You never know quite what to expect.  Sometimes the takes are subtle like a gentle pluck, sometimes you get the rod-wrenching grab and a thick slab of a fish erupting downriver intent on returning to sea.  Whatever the case, coho do seem […]

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October Fly of the Month: Bubblicious Worm

When I was a kid, I remember stuffing a full pack of Bubblicious gum into my mouth and chewing away blissfully until my jaw hurt.  The Bubblicious Worm seems to have much the same effect on trout, often in situations where you wouldn’t expect it to.  I always like to have a selection of San […]

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August Fly of the Month: Green Wired Soft Hackle

There’s something magical about swinging a fly.  It’s relaxing for one.  In not having to fixate on your bug and watch for a visual or a strike indicator taking a plunge, your eyes are free to wander into the hillsides and surrounding forest.  You never know, this might be the moment you finally spot a […]

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August Fly of the Month: Composite Coho Squid

Here they come, scores of ocean bright coho funneling in from the Strait and finning on by your favorite west Whidbey beach along their journey home, stopping to feed here and there.  We love the cool mornings and evenings of late August and September along the rocky beaches, the sticky salt smell in the air, […]

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July Fly of the Month: Easy Double Barrel Bass Popper

As summer progresses in much of the country, many of our favorite trout lakes get too darn hot to responsibly fish until the water cools off again in the fall.  Largemouth bass and other spiny rays are much better suited to this tepid environment and are often at the peak of their activity in July […]

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June Fly of the Month: Jig CDC Flashback Pheasant Tail

The old Pheasant Tail nymph has been catching fish for as long as I’ve been fishing and well before my time on this planet.  It’ll imitate all sorts of bugs from Pale Morning Duns to Blue Winged Olive mayflies, as well as bigger drakes and even damsel nymphs in larger sizes.  Converting timeless classics to […]

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March Fly of the Month: 11 Steelhead Tube

Brian Silvey’s Tandem Tube steelhead fly might be my favorite all time workhorse winter steelhead pattern out of a great big line of options. Sure, I’ll tie Speys, Marabous, Intruders and fancy Prawn patterns with eyes and love them all, but when the clock is ticking, the river is in and you’ve got a trip […]

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February Fly of the Month: Squid Pro Quo

The Intruder as a style of fly gets horribly misused these days and has been applied to everything from marabou spiders to long and lanky string leeches. Intruders typically have two stages, each with a profile bump to support a bunch of softer materials like ostrich, separated by a skinny mid-section, usually tinsel or diamond […]

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