People have mixed opinions about fishing egg patterns. Whatever your stance, make no mistake that you are truly matching the hatch in late fall and winter when the rivers are full of spawning salmon dropping eggs left and right. In our nutrient poor rivers west of the Cascades, the egg is the aquatic equivalent of a holiday feast. You were full several hours ago and yet haven’t stopped eating because who knows when the getting will be this good again. Eggs are pure protein in a form that’s both highly visible and unable to do anything but drift helplessly in the current. I like the Slush Egg because it’s heavy enough to drift along the stream bottom without requiring any additional weight. It’s also super fast to tie, which is fantastic when you tend to lose your share fishing so close to a snaggy bottom. Whip some up and get your egg on. Our local trout, char and whitefish can’t resist!

Slush Egg Recipe:
Hook: #14 Hanak 400BL
Bead: 3.5mm Hanak Fl. Orange Slotted Tungsten
Thread: 70 Denier Fl. Orange Ultra Thread
Body: Apricot FNF Slush Jelly

Confluence Beer Pairing:
Belikin Beer is a classic European style lager made in Belize for Belize. It’s a tough one to come by outside of its country of origin and when you travel to Belize it’ll likely be about the only brew you can find anywhere. Experience tells me that it totally hits the spot when drawn from a slushy bucket of ice on a hot and humid mangrove flat. I don’t however, imagine it tasting nearly as good when nestled by the hearth in Bellingham, inching close to stay warm while a cold rain pounds the outside of your house. Kitten Mittens might be a better choice under those circumstances.

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