Our February Fly of the Month is the PT Prawn, a shrimpy, smaller profiled steelhead fly well suited for the perpetual low and clear river conditions we’ve encountered this season with an unshakeable regularity. This little critter was born of an ongoing love affair with Ice Dub and the new an undeniably sexy dyed Barred Predator Wrap. The Prawn Solo, our January 2016 FOTM has remained one of my favorite jumbo prawn patterns when fishing winter rivers that flow an enticing steelhead green. With the air clear, low rivers we’ve encountered through much of our current season, I wanted something that wouldn’t come off so much like a shark in the goldfish bowl. This pattern should fish well in the early season for summer steelhead and will undoubtedly have it’s place in the moderate flows of spring on our Northwest rivers from the Quillayute system on the OP to the Vedder in BC. The name denotes this fly’s uncanny ability to ignite rage and aggression in the diversity of fish species it’ll certainly cross paths with, however small and unimpressive in stature it may be. If you’re curious about what the PT stands for, well…you’ll just have to swing by the shop and we might let you in on the little secret.

PT Prawn
Shank: 20mm OPST Intruder Shank
Hook: #4 OPST Swing Hook
Trailing Extension: Red Senyo Intruder Wire
Thread: Fl. Orange 6/0 Uni Thread
Butt: UV Red Ice Dub
Tail: Hot Orange Lady Amherst topped with MFC Red Grizzly Barred Ostrich
Feelers: One doubled over strand of Pearl Krystal Flash
Eyes: Natural Golden Pheasant Tippet with center cut out
Body: UV Pink Ice Dub and Hot Orange Predator Wrap in composite loop
Collar: Red Jumbo Guinea hackle
Carapace: 2 Hot Orange Golden Pheasant breast feathers

Confluence Beer Pairing: Try Fremont’s Lush IPA when you tie the PT Prawn. It’s their spring seasonal, at once fruity and tropically hoppy. Close your eyes on the first sip and you just might momentarily forget that you’re surrounded by 6 inches of fresh February snow.

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