Pink Hot Shot Comet

The Comet style of fly was originated decades ago in Northern California as what proved to be a very effective pattern for salmon. We’ve since seen countless variations and styles, most of which remain pretty true to the original. What makes them great is that they’re pretty easy to tie, they sink efficiently, they move with a jigging action when retrieved through the water, and they incorporate inexpensive and easy to find materials.

The Hot Shot Comet is particularly effective in turbid water where the holographic flash really pops and helps add to the fly’s visibility. This can be a really good one during August in the glacial Nooksack, Squamish, or even lower Skagit when the visibility is reduced. Fish on a floater, intermediate or light sink tip and use strip/pause retrieve.


  • Hook: #6-#8 Salmon Traditional Up Eye, Daiichi 2441 or Gamakatsu T10-6H
  • Thread: Fluorescent Hot Pink 140 Denier Ultra Thread
  • Tail: Pink bucktail or craft fur
  • Body: Holographic large silver tinsel or diamond braid
  • Wing: Collar unravelled silver holographic mylar tubing or flashabou followed by 3-4 turns of pink hackle
  • Eyes: Bead chain or lead to suit weight

Confluence Beer pairing

Finding a good beer to pair with our pink salmon fly tying poses challenges on so many levels. For one, we’ve already tied so damn many pink flies for the shop that we’re no longer terribly particular as long as it’s cold and takes the edge off. Secondly, taking the pink-themed beer route introduces a slurry of weird ideas and beverages we’d probably never drink.

So the next time you tie a pink fly, reach for a refreshing bottle of Schofferhofer Grapefruit Radler. It’s German light wheat beer with the tangy addition of sun ripened pink grapefruit and goes down real easy on a hot day.

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