Black and Pearl Chironomid

Hook: Teimco 200, #16 or Tiemco 2312 #14
Thread: Black 8/0 UNI or comparable
Tail: None
Body: Black 1/8 scud back, Flashabou, or cut 1/16 VCR tape
Rib: pearl Krystal Flash, flattened, 5 counter-wraps on #14 hook
Head: 3/32 black bead
Gill: 8-10 strands of Organza or white sparkle
Cement: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Flow over entire body
Variation: “Grey Ghost” Chironomid with grey thread body, pearl KF, and gunmetal bead

Primary Season: For lowland, coastal Washington lakes, it fishes best at 3 to 5 ft. from the lake bottom from mid-February to mid-March. If you can fish two flies, place this fly about 3 ft. above a Bloodworm using a fluorocarbon tippet and each fly inside a loop knot. For most British Columbia lakes, this midge hatches in mid-May.

The Confluence Beer Pairing: Kulshan’s Good Ol’ Boy Pale Ale makes a fitting accompaniment to the tying of these and other chironomid patterns. I’ve enjoyed a few wonderful dinners over the years with Bruce and some his fellow Fidalgo Fly Fishers club compatriots. I usually bring a growler of Good Ol’ Boy with me and it’s seems to be the beer of choice among Bruce’s guests. Good Ol’ Boy Pale may well be the secret elixir imbibed by only the most stalwart chironomid fishermen and fly tiers. It may also just be really good.

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