The Manhatten Beach is patterned after the Alaskabou series of salmon and steelhead flies developed by George Cook while guiding in Alaska during the 80’s. It is a style of fly, more so than a specific pattern and the color schemes and variations are nearly endless. November is traditionally chum salmon month around the Northwest corner of our state and lower mainland, BC. These large, calico, snaggle-toothed salmon have always shown an affinity for green. It’s not a bad fly for big, brawling late season coho either. Tie them with or without a cone head depending on the water you’re fishing. Alaskabou flies work fantastically well for salmon, steelhead and hungry char. Tie them bright, tie them dark or bright and dark for contrast. They’re easy and durable with a lot of inherent movement and fish-catching appeal. Try combinations of pink and purple, red and purple, orange and green, pink and green for those days when the chum want a little change up. We just got a big shipment in of the finest Fish Hunter marabou in a rainbow of colors so you’re good to go.

Manhatten Beach

Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H or Daiichi 2441 #2-1/0
Thread: Ultra Thread 140 Denier Fl. Chartreuse
Cone: Large gold or silver (optional)
Body: Fl. Chartreuse Spey Blood Quill Marabou
Flash: Green and pearlescent Krystal Flash or Flashabou mixed
Collar: Webby white schlappen feather

Tip: For the body, tie one marabou feather in by the butt just behind the return loop on the hook eye and take 3-4 wraps. Tie in a second marabou feather just ahead of that one by the tip and take 3-4 wraps. This lends nice shoulders to the fly and helps it maintain it’s undulating shape in the water without collapsing.

Beer pairing: Why not enjoy a Manhatten while crafting a Manhatten (vermouth, bourbon and bitters plus a cherry on top if you’re into that sort of thing). That would be an obvious and delightful pairing. However, in keeping with our regular beer theme, you should definitely join us for our Black Fly Day tying session at Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen on November 27th for a Chuckanut Aged Baltic Porter. It’ll warm your soul as the errant marabou gently flurries around our tying tables like a soft falling snow.

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