This month’s pattern is Brandon’s 12th Man and as any ardent Seahawks fan will know, derives its name from the signature blue and green color scheme. It’s hard to beat a 3″ Clouser for plying the North Sound beaches for late summer and fall coho salmon. We prefer to tie them stinger style using Craft Fur for optimum movement and the wide variety of available colors. The stinger design also ensure a foul free fly that continues to fish without twisting the wing into the hook and causing it to swim in a wonky, unnatural manner. Green over white has been a long established coho color, but we’ve found some less orthodox combos like blue over green or green over pink to outproduce the more conventional ties on those tougher days. For an extra effective variation, Brandon recommends starting with white craft fur and dying it with Skittles to your color of choice. Just add coho.

The 12th Man

Shank: #2 Daiichi 2546 clipped at the bend
Trailer Hook: #2 Owner SSW connected with 25 lb. Maxima Clear
Thread: Chartreuse 140 Denier Ultra Thread
Eyes: 3/16″ Spirit River Real Eyes Plus
Top Wing: Bright Green Craft Fur
Bottom Wing: Navy Blue Craft Fur
Flash: 2 strands of lateral scale down each side (Flashabou #1733)
Optional: Skittles

The Confluence Beer Pairing: What more appropriate beverage to accompany your coho beach fly tying than a Silver City Brewing Company Ziggy Zoggy Lager? This refreshing summer seasonal unfiltered lager has a smooth finish and is a fine companion at the vise while you dream about all those big aggressive ocean coho going all ziggy zoggy behind your fly.

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