When I first came upon Matt Bennett’s Lunch Money Streamer it was love at first sight. There is no doubt that big predatory species go nuts over large, multi-jointed mega-sized flies, but oftentimes a smaller and less intrusive pattern will work wonders over something huge and flashy. The Lunch Money has a ton of movement with its mobile rabbit tail and body, rubber legs and laser yarn head. It’ll swim upside down with the hook point riding up which is helpful when fishing over rocky bottom structure. Best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive and fast to tie, so even when you sacrifice one to the rocks now and again it ain’t the end of the world.

Lunch Money Recipe:
Hook: #2 Gamakatsu B10S
Thread: Fl Orange 140 Denier Ultra Thread
Eyes: Medium Red Painted Lead
Tail/Body: Brown Barred Yellow Rabbit Strip
Legs: Black Barred Clear Chartreuse
Head: Yellow, Chartreuse and Hot Orange Senyo’s Laser Dub

Confluence Beer Pairing: This month’s beer comes from the warm dry side of the hills in sunny White. Salmon, WA. Everybody’s Brewing’s Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale is both hoppy and juicy and packed with that refreshing quality that just screams summer. Keep these hidden in a separate cooler so even if some finned bully shakes you down for your Lunch Money you still have a cold can or two to share with a buddy.

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