Panfish flies are generally quick and simple to tie, making them prime candidates to throw into the lily pads and woody tangles of structure where you’ll often find schools of bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappie and other sunfish.  The Bluegill Bully is a modern classic, using few, but important ingredients.  Panfish love rubber legs and flies with inherent movement.  They love to take a fly as it descends through the water column and the weighted back end of the fly ensures that it’ll drop quickly and activate those gangly rubber legs on the way down.  I tie these in the standard yellow, red, black and olive, but have a particular fondness for using Hareline variegated chenille for the body which comes in lots of different color combos.  This particular combo with the chartreuse/black has been a real winner over the past few seasons and has accounted for lots of panfish species and a fair number of nice bass.  Cast towards structure, let it sink and begin a slow retrieve with short strips with the rod tip in the water.  Watch the front end of your fly line closely as the fly sinks.  If it begins to dance and twitch raise the rod tip quickly to set the hook.  You done got yourself a fish! 

Bespeckled Bully

  • Hook: #10 Daiichi 1530
  • Thread: 70 Denier Black Ultra Thread
  • Weight: .015 Lead Free Wire
  • Body: Chartreuse/Black Variegated Chenille
  • Legs: Black Round Rubber

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