May Fly of the Month: Jig Bugger

Jig style flies have become more and more popular in recent years. I think part of their success comes from their sheer versatility in the number of ways they can be fished. I’ve seen all sorts of jig style woolly buggers on the market and this particular one is fashion after a George Daniel pattern I’m really fond of. Dead drift it beneath an indicator, tight line it on a euro rig, swing it, retrieve it erratically in a lake. It does it all, and with its relatively trim profile, sinks like a stone with plenty of movement along the way. As with most flies, you can alter the color to suit your particular needs, but this drab olive/brown version is the one I fish most. I generally tie these in sizes 8-12.

Jig Bugger
Hook: Hanak 400BL #10
Bead: Hanak 4mm Black Nickel Slotted Tungsten
Thread: 140 Denier Olive Ultra Thread
Tail: MFC Olive Black Barred Marabou
Body: Olive Brown Ice Dub
Legs: Rootbeer Grizzly Flutter Legs
Hackle: Olive Partridge

Confluence Beer Pairing: Grab yourself a Helles Lager from Wander Brewing while you whip up a few Jig Buggers and revel in the taste of spring. It’s light with a burst of citrusy amarillo hops from the Yakima Valley. Helles means bright in German, just like all the slab trout you’re going to catch on this fly.