Fly Fishing Report: October 2021

Fishing trips…they are the stitches that piece meal the year together, mark the seasons, mentally get you from A to B during a busy work stretch, motivate you at the tying bench and 100% feed the soul. I’ll take any opportunity to fish, be it a couple of hours before work or a rainy Sunday […]

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Fly Fishing Report: September 2021

We’re about a week away from the official start of fall, though it feels like the season has crept in prematurely with some drizzle and gray. It’s a welcome change after a sweltering summer and we’re entering what many express to be their favorite time of the year to fish. It is most certainly mine. […]

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Fly Fishing Report: August 2021

By now most of us have a pretty good sense of what it’s like to be a corn dog under a gas station heat lamp. Days upon days of sizzle, the intermittent red glow of a wildfire sun beating down on you as much of the west continues to burn. Sound apocalyptic? Yep, it sure […]

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August Fly of the Month: Just Another Humpy Fly

This one’s somewhat of a Comet style fly, not unlike the old Pink Floozie but is quick to tie and hyper effective for pink salmon wherever they swim. We tie a version with small lead eyes and a little lighter one with large bead chain and sometimes vary the colors from a fluorescent hot pink […]

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September Fly of the Month: The Pink Torpedo

I hemmed and hawed over what to present for our September Fly of the Month for awhile. Though our pink run this year is less than stellar around the Sound, there are still enough out there to keep things interesting on a number of open rivers and it just didn’t seem right to let an […]

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