Fly Fishing Report: November 2021

Gray skies, unrelenting rain, brown rivers and a lackluster Seahawks season. It’s enough to drive a Pacific Northwesterner mad at times. Seems like we’ve gone from one extreme to another and have been regularly bombarded by exponentially more raindrops than the brilliant rays of sunshine we experienced all summer. Then again, that’s life in these […]

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October Fly of the Month: Pumpkinhead Booby

Boobies are no doubt a weird fly. I don’t know what they necessarily imitate, if anything, or why they work. I just know that I’ve experienced many days when they seem to catch fish to the exclusion of just about anything else. Between the buoyant foam eyes and the typically densely wrapped body, they tend […]

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Fly Fishing Report: June 2021

The last few weeks have provided the perfect combination of motivation and opportunity, landing me on the water more often than not. I thought about heading east for Memorial Day weekend, then pictured the procession of RV’s, armada of SUV’s and weary line of SOB’s crawling over the North Cascades to flood the campgrounds and […]

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Fly Fishing Report: May 2021

Certain cyclical events indelibly mark the season and give us a sense of time and place without ever having to glance at the calendar or peruse the screen of your smartphone. The other night as I was taking out the recycling after hours at the shop, I became acutely aware of the sentinel of seagulls […]

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Fly Fishing Report: April 2021

I think it’s spring but I’m not completely sure. Some days the sun is shining and the magnetic pull to the lake is undeniably strong. I launch my float tube, gliding smoothly across the reflective flat waters of the pond. Trout are rising just a few short kicks away. I’ve been waiting all winter for […]

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April Fly of the Month: Olive Willy

The Olive Willy has been a staple in my stillwater box for nearing a few decades now. This little wunderkind was developed by Allen Peterson of Swede’s Fly Shop many moons ago and continues to produce throughout the northwest open water season. Being the opportunists they are when it comes to sucking down a meal, […]

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Fly Fishing Report: March 2021

I dare say that spring is in the air. The thermometer in my Subaru registered 52 degrees the other day and it felt downright tropical outside compared to the 30’s and 40’s we’ve been suffering through for the last several weeks. With the warming weather we’re seeing more active steelhead in the Skagit and Sauk, […]

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Fly Fishing Report: November 2020

Here we are on election day, something we’ve either been waiting on all year or silently dreading.  I imagine for many folks it’s a mixture of both.  2020 has been a challenging time for too many people and I think most of the world will be content to see it behind us.  There’s a vast […]

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The Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing by Jerry Buron

I had the pleasure of re-acquainting myself with Jerry Buron a couple of weeks ago when he stopped by the Confluence.  Jerry is a longtime member of the Evergreen Fly Club and very accomplished stillwater fisherman.  I’d seen Jerry give a couple of presentations to the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers several years ago and was […]

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Fly Fishing Report: July 2020

Well, we’ve blazed past the summer solstice and are a few weeks into summer.  At least that’s what the calendar tells us.  You wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking outside.  I can only hope the cool weather and extra rain we’re getting now will prolong some of our fisheries during the hotter months of summer.  […]

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