Fishing Report: January 2016

As we slip into the new year, the weather remains frightfully cold and pleasantly sunny and the rivers have remained in shape for longer than their fair share of time. There’s another several days of cold clear skies on the horizon and then we settle back into that winter rain we’ve come to at least […]

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Season’s Greetings from The Confluence Fly Shop

Hope you enjoy this little Holiday poem I wrote for y’all. Rivers are on the drop! Twas the night before Christmas and all through the lake, I twitched a leech slowly, awaiting a take. The cold rain fell steady with an audible plop as we anxiously waited for rivers to drop. Brown torrents of water […]

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Fly Pattern of the Month: December 2015

Jerry Wells was a long time fixture at H&H Outfitters in Bellingham and long before our humble little shop came on the scene, Jerry was your local go to guy for all things fly fishing. If you know Jerry, you know his Pink Shrimp. Originally introduced to the world beyond Whatcom in Trey Comb’s classic […]

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