I had the pleasure of re-acquainting myself with Jerry Buron a couple of weeks ago when he stopped by the Confluence.  Jerry is a longtime member of the Evergreen Fly Club and very accomplished stillwater fisherman.  I’d seen Jerry give a couple of presentations to the Fourth Corner Fly Fishers several years ago and was intrigued by the treasure trove of knowledge he bestowed on the fly club when it came to chironomid fishing.  His flies, techniques and fishing tactics produce a lot of big fish on tough lakes in BC and he knows his stuff.  I was ecstatic to learn that Jerry has published a book, his Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing.  The book is very detailed, contains beautiful and illustrative pictures of places, fish, techniques, equipment and how to tie some of his go to fly patterns.  The Complete Guide to Successful Chironomid Fishing retails for $24.95 and we carry them at the Confluence.  Check it out on your next visit.

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