April Fly of the Month: Nano's Leech

April Fly of the Month: Nano's Leech

Here's another healthy dose of Phil Rowley's tying expertise from his recent visit to Bellingham. Nano's Leech is a pattern Phil picked up from a friend during a trip to Lago Strobel in Argentina. While the pattern worked wonders abroad, it's slim and pulsating profile, subtle use of flash and meaty presence make it a guaranteed winner for just about any body of water around the globe. This one could represent a leech, sculpin, small baitfish or even a big dragon fly nymph. 

I've been tying some smaller versions using pine squirrel in lieu of rabbit and am finding that our local trout are pretty fond of them. You can opt to fish it under an indicator like you would a Balance Leech, or using a strip retrieve off a floating, intermediate or full sinking line. The tungsten bead head really gives it a pronounced undulating movement in the water. Be sure to check out the many effective patterns Phil ties and writes about at www.flycraftangling.com.

Nano's Leech Recipe:

Thread: 70 Denier Black Ultra Thread
Hook: #8-10 Tiemco 2457
Bead: 1/8" Gold Tungsten Bead
Tail: Olive Grizzly Barred Rabbit Zonker
Body: Olive Crosscut Rabbit in a dubbing loop
Flash: Copper Flashabou, 2 strands per side
Hackle: Olive Grizzly Hen or India Hen Hackle
Head: Peacock Ice Dub


The Confluence Beer Pairing
: We recommend drinking Sierra Nevada's 2017 Beer Camp when you tie Nano's Leech. It's a delicious seasonal Golden IPA, mildly hoppy, light and refreshing with the distinctive taste of spring.

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