December Fly of the Month: Jerry Well's Pink Shrimp

December Fly of the Month: Jerry Well's Pink Shrimp

Jerry Wells was a long time fixture at H&H Outfitters in Bellingham and long before our humble little shop came on the scene, Jerry was your local go to guy for all things fly fishing. If you know Jerry, you know his Pink Shrimp. Originally introduced to the world beyond Whatcom in Trey Comb's classic tome Steelhead, the Pink Shrimp represents a number of endearing qualities in a steelhead pattern. It's quick, easy and inexpensive to tie and lends itself to numerous color and material variations.

Jerry originally tied this one as a big bright fly to entice steelhead in cold winter water.  By today's standards, the Pink Shrimp strikes us as pretty small, but it still catches a lot of fish and is a favorite for us in low, clear flows. Tie it weighted or unweighted, use regular chenille, speckled chenille or cactus chenille for the body and have fun with the colors. A cerise body works great for chum and the bull trout seem particularly fond of a Purple Shrimp with a blue craft fur back.

Well's Pink Shrimp Recipe:
Hook: Mustad 3906 or Daiichi 1550 #2-#4
Thread: Fluorescent Fire Orange 140 Denier Ultra Thread
Hackle: Shrimp Pink Saddle Hackle
Body: Shell Pink Chenille
Shell Back and Tail: Red Craft Fur



The Confluence Beer Pairing: Reach for a frosty can of Kulshan's Kitten Mittens Winter Ale this holiday season while you sit down at the bench to fill your box with Pink Shrimp. This dark mahogany rich elixir has a smooth chocolate and roasted malty flavor that is guaranteed to warm the soul and bring the feeling back into your extremities after an icy day on the river. Kitten Mittens...Get some!

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