January Fly of the Month: June Bug Nymph

January Fly of the Month: June Bug Nymph

I've admittedly become a euro nymphing addict over the last year. It's super fun, requires high levels of concentration so you don't have time to think bad thoughts and it flat out catches a lot of fish. The one downside, if there is one, is that you have the potential to go through a few flies when you're fishing so near the bottom of the stream. In my opinion, a good euro nymph tie is simple, suggestive and doesn't take all day to pop one off the vice. The June Bug nymph encapsulates all of the above and is pretty indestructible to boot.

I predominately tie this in #14 and #16. If you want a smaller fly, you can shorten the body length and tie on less of the hook shank. I like this one anytime you've got small mayfly nymphs in the river system. It works very well as a baetis nymph when kept small, but I fish this one as a searching pattern throughout the year. While principally designed to be fished using euro nymphing tactics, this one fishes well under an indicator or as a dropper beneath a large, buoyant dry fly. It'll sink like a stone!


June Bug Nymph Recipe:
Hook: Hanak 450BL #16
Bead: Gunmetal Hanak Slotted Tungsten 3mm
Thread: 70 Denier Black Ultra Thread
Tail: Dark Pardo Coq de Leon
Body: June Bug Flashabou #6926
Hot Spot: UV Chartreuse Ice Dub



Confluence Beer Pairing: You've got to try the latest dark wintery brew from Kulshan Brewing, Echoes in Time. I know the name sounds a bit like the latest Depeche Mode album but this rich, chocolatey, coffee-noted imperial stout is the perfect elixir to get the blood flowing back into your extremities on a frigid January day as you dream about the warmer months to come.

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