November Fly of the Month: Huevos Con Leche

November Fly of the Month: Huevos Con Leche

Last month we shared an egg sucking leech pattern as a highly effective all around fall salmon, steelhead and big char fly. For November we'll cut straight to the chase and tie a stand-alone egg pattern. Following the seasonal orgy of salmon spawning, most of our rivers boast a sizeable biomass in the form of drifting and dislodged salmon eggs. For rivers that host healthy populations of trout, char and whitefish, salmon eggs may offer the single most significant source of easy protein that these fish will have access to all year.

We've had a number customers ask how to tie a Glo Bug. While seemingly a simple pattern, there are some tricks to getting them to come out just right. The Heuvos Con Leche is little more than a standard Glo Bug (the way I tie them) with the addition of a veil. The Milky Egg Veil adds a degree of movement, translucency and depth that most standard egg patterns lack. Fish it on a floating line and 9' leader, as a dropper below a weighted fly or on its own, with or without an indicator. For those of you who speak Spanish as poorly as I do, Heuvos Con Leche means egg with milk.


Huevos Con Leche Recipe:
Thread: 75 Denier Ultra GSP White
Hook: #4 Gamakatsu C14S
Egg: Salmon Egg Glo Bug Yarn
Yolk: Dark Roe Glo Bug Yarn
Veil: Hareline Milky White Egg Veil



Confluence Beer Pairing: Stop by Chuckanut Brewery and pick yourself up a growler of their Smoked Porter to savor while you steadily fill up a fly box full of Huevos. It's rich and flavorful and really fits the bill with our change of weather. In a word, it tastes like fall. Better yet, you can join us at Chuckanut for our November 16th Tying Night and have one with us there.

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