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OPST Commando Tips

OPST Commando Tips

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The perfect complement for your OPST Commando Head.  These work great in conjunction with other Skagit style heads as well.  Available in 10' or 12' in a range of grain weights so you can perfectly balance your Skagit set up to cast like a rocket!

All tips are dual density to help eliminate sagging in the water and help ensure a direct connection to your fly. The "S" in the tip labeling denotes the sink rate of the tip in inches per second (example: an S2/S3 tip sinks 3" per second at the end).  OPST also uses a Riffle, Run, Bucket naming convention on their tips to give you a better sense of their appropriate fishing application, with the Riffle tip running the shallowest and the Bucket sinking the fastest to get deep.

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