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OPST Sink Tip Wallet

OPST Sink Tip Wallet

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OPST's Sink Tip Wallet keeps your sink tips neatly organized. With nylon resin mesh to facilitate drainage and a Velcro close, it is immune to the corrosion common in zippered sink tip wallets. Unique (now staggered) polyester line ID tabs allow you to sort and identify your sink tips. Plus, it's black and it looks cool. Dimensions 5"x4".There are 9 pockets.

  • Corrosion-proof, with a Velcro closure
  • Breathable mesh pockets for storing OPST Commando Tips
  • 9 sink tips fit into the Sink Tip Wallet
  • Staggered line ID tabs & a plastic front sleeve for labelling.
  • Fantastic line storage solutions from OPST.
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