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Outcast Sporting Gear

Outcast Prowler

Outcast Prowler

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It’s comfortable, efficient to kick and has abundant storage space. The OSG Prowler has a beefier weight capacity than some of our other boats, and works well for bigger anglers. It’s built to stand up to the rigors of 25 or more days on the water per year.

What makes the OSG Prowler special?

  • Inflatable Floor: The OSG Prowler’s fully inflatable floor enables you to cruise quickly through the water as you kick.
  • U-boat Design: The back of the OSG Prowler is kicked up for efficient movement.
  • LCS Apron System: Keep track of your line with this innovative stripping apron system.
  • Durable Construction: Fabric protected urethane bladders will hold air for years to come and aren’t tough to fix if they start leaking.
  • Storage: Semi-rigid storage pockets on the OSG Prowler’s side tubes give you plenty of storage for most items. Need some more space? Use the back deck for the rest of your gear.
  • Built-in Carry Handle: No need to awkwardly make your way to the water with this float tube, just pick it up by the handle.
  • 5-year Warranty: All OSG float tubes are backed by our 5-year manufacturing defect warranty.’
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